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l. File Info for ACAD Rl2

Title: Advanced Visual Assistant; A --- The advanced Visual Assistant is designed on the basis of providing graph accompanied with the AutoCAD command text on an on-screen dialogue box. No reconfiguration of your video card is required. This software uses the standard ACAD Rl2 Dialogue Control Language files and AutoLisp commands. Download this Press Release to see the enhancements to your DOS sessions of AutoCAD.

2. File Info for

Title: An easy to use CAD s/w with DXF & HPGL --- FLASH! is an easy yet sophisticated 2D, 3D, animation, CAD software, written by DESIGNERS and NOT programers. Import/export DXF & HPGL. "TUTORIALS" teach how to use FLASHCAD IN 20 HOURS. FLASHCAD's interface is very unique, for executing multiple simultaneous functions, e.g. while copying an object, you can zoom, pan, use the bird's eye view, rotate, mirror, change colors, change layers, measure distances etc. all WITHOUT typing commands. Min. req: 640K/286sx or better. For support on CompuServe type GO FLASHCAD. CIS 72662,2423 EMAIL:

3. File Info for

Title: Analytical Circuit Design --- Splice is an analytical circuit solver that solves for nodal voltage, branch current, Thevenin reduction, transfer function, and two-port reduction analysis of electrical circuits in symbolic or numeric form. Solution options component substitutions (numeric and symbolic including zero and infinity), poles and zeros calculations, sinusoidal steady state calculations domain results calculations. The results can be copied to other programs for publishing or further analysis.

4. File Info for

Title: Business cards V3.0 for Windows --- Business Cards for Windows is EXTREMELY INTUITIVE and EASY TO USE freeform database/organizer. Elegant folio-like user interface with tabs and flipping pages. Compact, fast and flexible. Reads Cardfile files, prints address books, envelopes and labels. Ideal for mailing lists, notes, contracts, etc. Now comes with smart BusinessDialer! Windows Magazine's "Superior Shareware" (Apr '95), AOL editor's best pick (Jan '95), cover dish with PC NewsFlash (Feb '95), Windows User (Jun '94), Windows Magazine UK (May '94), What PC (Apr '94).

5. File Info for

Title: CADDATA - Proj/Drwg/Layer/Comp CAD Database - GOO --- CADDATA is a CAD Project/Drawing/Layer/Component Database program which can help you maintain lists of data about your CAD work. The following are the tables which are part of CADDATA: PROJECTS: Project number, name and description; LAYERS: Drawing name, layer number and description; COMPONENTS Drawing name, component name and description Prints 6 reports from this data. Great program!

6. File Info for

Title: CIRCAD DEMO a PCB SCHEMATIC Editor Translator --- A demo version of CIRCAD (by Holophase). A really great PCB and Schematic program. This fairly functional demo will give you a good idea what buying the "real" version will get you. Autorouter demo included. Check out the smooth panning in any zoom scale. Reads in files from other programs including OrCAD PCB, TANGO, PROTEX, AutoCAD DXF format and others! You can also output many of the same formats if you wish, so Circad is worth it just as a translator alone! A must see for those into CAD.

7. File Info for

Title: Combine v1 for Structural Engineers --- Combine calculates the structural properties of any prismatic section. Section can be made up of beams, channels, plates, pipes, tubes, and angles. Area, neutral axis, steel weight, radii of gyration and moments of inertia for each component, as well as the combined shape, are presented, along with a picture to aid input verification. On-screen help provided. Requires DOS and VGA.

8. File Info for xls2dxf.exe

Title: Convert Excel 5.0 Spreadsheets to DXF --- XLS2DXF converts spreadsheet ranges to DXF files. Simply highlight a range in Excel and click "File/Save as DXF". The new DXF file looks just like the original range of cells. Merge the new DXF file with existing CAD drawings. Great for managing Bill of Materials tables! Try the demo! Available from SWREG as item #7131 (compiled XLA) or #7132 (VBA source code). From Ideal Engineering.

9. File Info for

Title: Create Stepper motion control applications -hel --- CyberPro is a complete Windows based development environment for creating motion control applications for hardware based on the CY545 and CY550 motion processors manufactured by Cybernetic Micro SDystems, Inc. The demo included in allows full functionality in live mode, but does not permit storing programs. This help file complements

10. File Info for engrave.exe

Title: Creates G-code for Engraving Text --- Demo program which generates G-code for text which you want to engrave on your CNC milling machine or laser. Select tool type, tool, diameter, style of letters, and program generates g-code for your machine tool. Demo outputs g-code only for the letters A B and C, however all letters are displayed on the screen. Full working version available for $480. Send comments and suggestions to CompuServe email address 71551,1361. Loaded with permission from the author.

11. File Info for 54piston.gif

Title: Dynamite FEA graphic: FEA PowerSystem v5.4 --- This reverse color screen shot shows deformed, color contour stress plot of a 1/4 model of a piston under pressure. The entire simulation was done in about 30 minutes using AutoCad R13 to create the solid model (10 min.) and FEA PowerSystem v5.4 (including FEMAP v4.4 with Auto Mesh Module and ACIS solids kernel and two solvers). About 20 minutes was required to read in the model, pre-process and mesh it, solve it and then set up the post-processed contour stress plot. See text file.

12. File Info for aeg54rel.asc

Title: FEA PowerSystem v5.4 now automeshes solids! --- Newest release of Aegis Software Corp.'s FEA PowerSystem 95 (including FEMAP v4.4 with Auto Mesh Module) reads .sat and .stl solid models, auto-meshes them, pre-processes them for FEA, solves them (two solvers: CAEFEM PowerSolver v2.33 and WECAN Analysis v5.3), and post-processes the model with full 32 Bit Windows power. Full working 300 node 'Personal' version of v5.3, with two User's Guides, is available for only $79.95. Also see GIF screen shot of color contour stress plot.

13. File Info for cd101a.exe

Title: Finite Element Structural Analysis --- CADRE 1.01a is a 3-D finite element structural analysis shareware program for Windows 3.1. It is used for computing loads, displacements, vibration modes and frequencies. The help file is extensive and context sensitive and provides help in using CADRE, conducting finite element analyses, and in conducting vibration analyses. A main feature is a tutorial that leads the user through developing and solving models in a step-by-step fashion. CADRE accepts up to 5461 nodes. CD101A.EXE is a self extracting WinZip file. CompuServe GO SWREG, ID 6356.

14. File Info for

Title: DXFO192.ZIP -- The DXFLIST of commercial component --- January l992 edition of the DXFLIST file. This is listing of commercially available components for CAD use (mostly DXF) to save the designer's time by being able to import data directly into CAD (Never redraw -- Important!). Several new listing added this month. Name the file DXF0192.ZIP in order to make it sensible. Keep those additions coming!

15. File Info for

Title: Dynamic Designer Motion Demo Disk 1 of 2 --- This is a 2 disk demo for Dynamic Designer Motion, the first in an exciting new series of low cost 3D Mechanical Design simulation software. Offering full 3D functionality normally only found in packages running on Unix workstations and costing up to 50 times the price, DD Motion beginning a new era of high productivity for the mechanical designer and engineer. The two files should unzip into a single directory (or 2 floppies) and installed under Windows using 'FILE' 'RUN' "?:SETUP".

16. File Info for

Title: Gearagen 1.10 --- Geargen is a software gear generator intended for the use of engineers, machinists, and draftsmen engaged in the design and production of spur gears. Output a .dxf cad file or G-code for wire EDM.

17. File Info for

Title: Implementation of CAD --- This report was done as part of a Master Degree in Technical Management and examines implementation issues of Computer Aided Design in a typical company. Members of the LEAP forum and other CAD users were surveyed and provided information for this report. Survey responses are included. Report was done in Microsoft Word format and can be decompressed with PKunzip.

18. File Info for

Title: Macro Pro Fanuc Editor --- MacroPro is an integrated development environment for Fanuc and compatible (Haas, Yasnac, Mazak Etc.) custom macro programs. MacroPro eliminates the need to have the manual by your side when writing a macro program. Covers Renishaw Probe programming also. Updated to fix setup problem.

19. File Info for

Title: Millwrite Engraving Software --- Enter text on PC, and Millwrite generates G-code file to post to your milling machine. Allows you to select different tools and even supports engraving on round surfaces. Uploaded with permission from the author.

20. File Info for

Title: PowerCAD v1.5 : The Powerful CAD for schematics --- PowerCAD v1.5 is a powerful, intelligent CAD software to draw schematics of hydraulic, pneumatic, control

and electrical circuit. It is TRADE oriented so you don't draw, but you build circuits from components. You can design new components, scale, rotate, flip, change color. You can print PARTS LIST and PURCHASING ORDER. Can export and import DXF files. PowerCAD v1.5 in DOS, uses EGA/VGA. a mouse, and an EPSON or HP LASERJET compatible printer. It needs 640k of memory and 2+ MEGS of hard disk space. NON-CRIPPLED!!!

21. File Info for

Title: Program For Calculating Bend Allowance --- This is a Bend Allowance Calculator Program. The program was done in Turbo Pascal with Turbo Power Tools. The program uses the standard bend allowance formulars a defined in the Machinery Handbook. Feel free to use this software for any purpose except not to profit by selling the software itself. Can be used in AutoCAD Shell. Courtesy of Kevin Krebs. (Approximate download time at 2400 baud using CIS B+ is 2:33)

22. File Info for

Title: --- NACA4GEN.EXE generates an NACA 4 digit Airfoil Section. It draws in on your screen with coordinates. NACA.dxf is an example of a NACA 4 digit airfoil in DXF format. DXF format can be imported into many CAD programs. Give information on how to get copies of a program that creates NACA 4 digit Airfoil in DXF format. Written by an Aerospace engineer.

23. File Info for

Title: SLANG 2.0: calculations/graphics --- SLANG is powerful calculator. Your programs could perform routine calculations automatically. For example, you need to load 100 files with data measured in feet, and translate it to meters. Or to compute indicators based on 100 stock files. Using SLANG you have to write few lines of code. Using spreadsheet you need to load 100 files manually. You can also print 100 graphics while you're having lunch. SLANG is powerful drawing tool. Your programs could draw complex images using formulas.

24. File Info for

Title: StDEMO Player: Demo and Tutorial Builder --- Build demos and tutorials by writing scripts which will start Windows applications and control their execution by playing series of keystrokes or mouse actions into them. At any point you can have the script pause to display text, pictures, menu or input dialog boxes. StDemo Recorder and StDemo Scrambler Utilities simplify creation and distribution of scripts. Also can be used as batch language. Shareware $30+. SWREG ID:3276

25. File Info for

Title: ViSuAL Calendar Planner 3.1 for Windows --- 'A wallpaper A Day Keeps Trouble Away!' Calendar is always visible without loading the program. Also featuring Recurring Events, unique Alarm with multiple Musical Tunes, WYSIWYG Fonts, Color Printing, MultiView, MultiColor, MultiFont and MultiDocument capability. Extremely easy to use. Register and get WIN 95 version free!

***Awards*** PC Magazine Awarad Winning Shareware, NautilusCD Magazine High Five, AOL Editors' Choice, Ziffnet Reviewer's Pick, PC World Editors' Choice, Windows News <French>, Windows World <Japan> Best Pick.

26. File Info for

Title: VSCOST Grinding Cost Planner --- This program calculates grinding production rates for Vertical Spindle Rotary Grinding Machines. (Blanchard Type) It uses standard values for Grinding Ratios and Removal rates than can be expected for different materials to calculate feed rates and costs for the parts the operator expects to grind. The program includes documentation within several help screens. I hope that you find this program useful for planning grinding operations.

27. File Info for

Title: Windows-based Analog Electronic Simulator Demo --- Included is a Windows-based analog electronic simulator. It includes graphic circuit creation using 32 different component types. It performs transient, AC, and DC analysis. It includes a software oscilloscope, sweep generator, and parameter displays. It includes nonlinear devices and the ability to set device parameters. It has diodes, FET's, and Gummel-Poon BJT's. It will import a subset of SPICE files and create the schematic. This is a demo version which restricts printing and saving of circuits.

28. File Info for

This is shareware DNC software.



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